About us

Belua are:

Mikaela Tsangari (rhythm guitars, vocals)

Loizos Pafitis (lead guitars)

Nicolas Melis (keys)

Mario Michael (bass)

Lefteris Lefkatis (drums)

The band formed in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2015 and released their debut album "As Good a Time as Any" in early 2016 through Louvana Records. Following a year of successful live shows in Cyprus and Greece, the band had a change in personnel in late 2017 and began working on their sophomore album "Mother of All". The new line-up’s love of vintage gear and broad experience is evident in their second record, recorded and mixed by the band’s frontwoman and producer, Mikaela Tsangari at her studio "The Elbow Room" in Nicosia.

Drawing elements from American folk, and psychedelia, the band weaves hazy guitar-driven tales that stretch and expand, with soothing vocals interlacing each budding segment with the next. Their distinct songwriting draws influences from acts such as the Fleet Foxes, All Them Wıtches, and Syd Arthur. In keeping with the D.I.Y attitude, their music concentrates on empowering lyrics and intricate melodies, as it explores different extremes and pushes the band in an exciting new direction.

The album’s sophomore album, Mother of All, was released on May 2019, diving deep into the realms of psychedelic pop, progressive rock and acoustic folk, providing a musical journey reminiscent of the 70s, if not simply for the easiness of its vibe.

Since then the band has released The Wrong Vice on YouTube, a new song performed and recorded live in a mountain shed in the village of Geratzies in Cyprus.  

Their latest endeavour, Tony, is released on May 2nd, 2020 and will be available on YouTube, all streaming platforms and Bandcamp. 

All of the band's music is independently produced and released by Belua themselves. 

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